Van Hire

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How it works:

  • Enter your times, dates and age. We will search our suppliers for the best rate.
  • Review booking options, make sure you check rate details.
  • Check van size and determine you will have enough room. It may be impossible to upgrade your van at the counter due to limited availability.
  • Click on your rate to book. Enter your details and enjoy your rental.
Van Hire Tips:

  • Try to book your van as far in advance as possible as quantities are limited.
  • If prices are too high you can always check off airport locations where available.
  • Sometimes it can be cheaper to book two cars rather than one van.
  • Check your insurance as certain Vans may not be covered.

Types of Van Hire available:

7 Seater Minivans
These are the most popular types of vans and have the best availability. This is your standard family minivan. Seats will often fold down for cargo space.
8 Seater Minivans
These are less common than 7 seaters and are harder to find. If you find one available make sure you book it.
12 Seater Vans
These can also be difficult to locate so book if you find one. Check your insurance coverage if insurance is not covered in the rate.

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