Car Hire Tips

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How it works:

  • Enter your location (from the suggestion drop down box), dates and age. We will search our suppliers for the best rates.
  • Review booking options, make sure you check rate details. Check insurance coverage and if you need sat-nav or an additional driver.
  • Check car size and determine you will have enough room. It is usually cheaper to upgrade in advance.
  • Click on your rate to book. Enter your details and enjoy your trip - don't forget to collect your car hire booking bonus.

Car Hire Tips:

We have provided car hire tips for each step in the rental process. We provide car hire booking tips, car hire pickup tips, car hire drop off tips and tips on what to do if you have an issue:

Car Hire Booking Tips:
  • Determine your insurance, add on and car size needs before booking.
  • Get what you need when you book. It will be cheaper than at the counter.
  • Try modifying your times slightly, sometimes you can get better rates.
  • If you have some flexibility, check nearby locations for better rates.
  • If booking car hire during peak periods, book as far in advance as possible as they can sell out or prices can increase.
  • Review rate details prior to booking, especially if you are younger, older or crossing borders.
  • Generally you can not specify exact vehicle model. Be more concerned about size and features.
  • Booking in Germany? Make sure you check snow tyre requirements/costs.

Car Hire Pick up Tips:
  • Make sure you have you paperwork handy including voucher, drivers license and credit card.
  • Rental counter agents are commissioned sales people. Be confident in your pre rental selection and be prepared to say no thank you.
  • Review your rental contract prior to leaving - check rate, mileage and rental restrictions.
  • If you have an issue with your contract get it sorted prior to leaving.
  • Review your vehicle for mechanical or structural issues. If you are not happy, request another vehicle.
  • Have any issues noted on the rental contract, take photos if necessary.
  • Request directions if you are not sure where you are going.
  • Check return instructions if returning after hours or unfamiliar with the location.

Car Hire Drop off Tips:
  • Fill up with gas prior to dropping off if required by your contract. Keep the receipt.
  • Review your final receipt to make sure there are no additional charges. If so, dispute on the spot.
  • Report any damage or issues if applicable.
  • If you have a problem during your rental let the agency know. Often they will compensate you.
  • Take photos of the car - especially if you do not have no excess insurance.

Car Hire Issue Tips:
  • As soon as you have an issue let us know. We are here to help!
  • If you have an accident treat it like it was your car - do not mention it is a rental. Take photos, let the rental agency know if you need a new vehicle.
  • Any mid rental issues, call the agency as soon as possible.

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