Car Hire Bonus

Search for cheap car hire rates at numerous airport and off airport locations worldwide:

How it works:

  • Enter your location (from the suggestion drop down box), dates and age. We will search our suppliers for the best rates.
  • Review booking options, make sure you check rate details. Check insurance coverage and if you need sat-nav or an additional driver.
  • Check car size and determine you will have enough room. It is usually cheaper to upgrade in advance.
  • Click on your rate to book. Enter your details and enjoy your trip - don't forget to collect your car hire booking bonus.

Car Hire Bonus:

What is the car hire bonus?:

  • Every time you book with us you get our e-guide to car rental. Written by our car rental experts it guides you through every step of the rental process.

  • Plus - Get our country specific guide with tips and hints specific to the country you are renting in.

  • NEW! - Get location specific discounts - some free, some require purchase. Savings can help cover a portion of your car hire bill. - Currently only available for major US locations - others coming soon.

  • NEW! - Booking sweepstakes - Complete a booking with us and be entered to win an Amazon gift certificate from the country of your choosing. No action required.

How do I get my bonus?:

  • Make a prepaid booking on our website and you will get an email with a link to your bonus.

  • You can print it out or use it on your mobile device.

  • If you do not receive, check spam folders then contact us via email.

Terms and Conditions:
  • Not all bonuses are available in all locations. Every location receives our e-guide to car rental and sweepstakes entry except where prohibited by law.
  • Bonuses are only available to prepaid bookings.
  • Sweepstakes entry included except where prohibited by law.
  • Sweepstakes entry requires a completed rental, other bonuses require only a booking.
  • Sweepstakes entry intiated on notfication of completed rental by car rental agency. There may be delays beyond our control.

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